FOG! Chats With THE ONLY LIVING BOY Writer/ Co-Creator David Gallaher! at FORCES OF GEEK


Harvey-Award winning comic creators David Gallaher (High Moon, Convergence: Green Lantern Corps) and Steve Ellis (High Moon, Hulk, Breaking Bad) have dubbed their studio Bottled Lighting and judging by the success of the comics they produce this is an appropriate name! 

David joins us today to talk about The Only Living Boy: Volume One which is coming to bookstores everywhere fromPapercutz. 

The Only Living Boy started as a webcomic and was previously printed in a Kickstarter campaign before being collected in the upcoming edition.

David took the time to talk with us today to tell us the origin of this comic and more below as how Bottled Lightning came to be!

FOG!: I’ve just finished the first volume of The Only Living Boy and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing! How has the community support from Kickstarter to the webcomics helped you guys get the book to the people?

David Gallaher: First of all, thank you. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. 

Technology has enabled us to reach everybody who has an internet connection and we love the digital community that has helped bring The Only Living Boy to the forefront. 

We’ve been able to offer the series through so many different platforms — Kickstarter, Tapastic, Noisetrade, Tumblr, comiXology, Humble Bundle — and the response has been extraordinary. We’ve have over 200,000 readers across platforms and that’s been really special to us. 

Our passionate fans are the reason we are here.