THEY’RE NOT LIKE US Vol. 1. ‘Black Holes for The Young’ (REVIEW) at FORCES OF GEEK

They’re Not Like Us V. 1: Black Holes for The Young TPB
Writer: Eric Stephenson
Artist: Simon Gane
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Published by Image Comics
Cover Price: $9.99
Diamond ID: MAY150507
ISBN: 978-1632153142
Published: July 8, 2015

Eric Stephenson (publisher of Image Comics, Nowhere Men) along with Simon Gane (Godzilla, The Vinyl Underground) and popular colorist Jordie Bellaire released a very punk rock comic on Christmas Eve last year.

Great time of year for gift-giving, maybe not so much for launching a new number one. Regardless of the timing, the first volume of They’re Not Like Usintroduces us to a band of telekinetic teenagers led by the mysterious mod pretty boy The Voice.

Perhaps drawing inspiration from other Image titles like Phonogram, Chew and Morning Glories as well as the Valiant series Harbinger and IDW’s Locke and Key, these uniquely powered and outsider youngsters are forced to give up their previous lives to get on with a clean slate.

Image Comics is creeping on the Big Two for market-share and that’s largely due to the biggest names in creators bringing books to the creator-owned imprint.

At the top of the pyramid of the unique comics publisher is Eric Stephenson. It caught my eye to see what he is capable of as a comic writer, and I was not disappointed.

Peppered with Manic Street Preachers and Morrissey song titles, musical references for post-punk bands, jazz musicians and a poster for the telekinetic 1978 box office bomb The Medusa Touch, They’re Not Like Us wears its heart out on its sleeve. An allusion to how closely this ‘team’ resembles teen heroes like The X-Men is quite deliberate as well, with all the mind invasion and somewhat similar skill sets of the boys and girls herein.


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