Mike Kadomiya, aka Rufio (of War of Words), teams up with our very own Brian Connolly (Nothing Mattress) for a punk rock book release this Thursday at Lorem Ipsum. Rufio joins Earth Prime Time to let us know what we may expect from the event, including the live Q&A from alien expert Chris Pittman! 

DIGBOSTON: Rufio, thanks so much for joining us today! Tell us about your book release at Lorem Ipsum.
Mike Kadomiya: Thanks for having me! The book release party will be this Thursday, January 9th. We are celebrating the release of Life is Posers Volume 2: Aftermath, as well as Brian Connolly’s second book, How Come Nothing Mattress. Admission is FREE and there will be CHEAP BEER! It will be a rare, fun night in Adult Allston (Inman Square).

Life is Posers - Mike Kanomiya

Life is Posers – MIKE KADOMIYA

DIGBOSTON: Do you expect a bunch of decked out punks there, or can I come as well? Who else is going to be there? Chris Pittman?

The last book release party was a healthy mix of boners, normaloids, punks, punx, hippies, and herberts.

I am anticipating a similar crowd. All with a willingness to laugh at moronic cartoons are welcome! Chris Pittman will be conducting a live interview with Brian and I, followed by an audience Q & A.

DIGBOSTON: When did the online version of Life is Posers start and why?
Life is Posers was born online at the very start of 2011. I believe Nothing Mattress started at almost exactly the same time.




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