Triple Shot Digital: 'STRANGE NATION' #1-3 plus #4 at FORCES OF GEE

Monkeybrain is taking over this edition of Triple Shot Digital, urging you to download Strange Nation from Paul Allor (G.I. Joe, TMNT) and Juan Romera.

This high adventure comic focuses on outsider journalist Norma Park, her old man asskicking sidekick Jesse Vernon and also stars gorillas, Sasquatch, Area 51 aliens and the most formidable opponents of all — parents disappointed in her career choice!

Friend of the site, Paul Allor has impressed the comics community by coming strong out of the gate after graduating Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience class and becoming a teacher over there himself. The young creator can add working on a comics script template for new writers (available for free) to his already impressive list of comics credits. 

With Strange Nation, Paul is able to explore some big tropes and bigger twists in the realm of supernatural comics and tabloid journalism.

Our main gal Norma is more Agent Scully than Lois Lane but complimentary comparisons to the latter have been pouring in. Strong female leads always make this reporter smile, and hey, if she punches a couple of Sasquatch in the neck while doing her job, my grin gets twice as big.

Issues 1-3 of Strange Nation set up Norma’s world as the smart girl that is misunderstood at her daily newspaper gig but fits in well with the Weekly World News analog Strange Nation. After staking out a laboratory, posing as a janitor, Norma breaks in to find Joe, an intelligent and well spoken gorilla in a suit. She escapes after the alarm sounds, but at what cost to the imprisoned Joe?



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