Dutch comic book artist Magreet De Heer comes to Cambridge tonight to educate children of all ages with her new graphic novel, Science: A Discovery in Comics (NBM Publishing). It was a delight to read her book and get some feedback on her exhaustive research, women in science, and how her husband contributes to the book as colorist and number one fan. Margreet will be at Million Year Picnic at 5pm tonight for the signing.

DIGBOSTON:Margreet, thanks for taking the time today to talk about Science: A Discovery in Comics!
MARGREET de HEER: No problem at all, thank YOU for the interest in my book!.


After your acclaimed comic Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics, what motivated you to take on Science? 
Science is actually the third book in the series – but it is the second book published in the States. The second book published in The Netherlands was about Religion, and there’s a good chance that will be published in the US next year.

When I was invited by my Dutch publisher in 2009 to talk about making a graphic novel about philosophy, he tentatively mentioned that it might be the start of a series. My husband and I looked at each other and immediately said: “Well, then the next needs to be Religion (because I am a theologist and come from a family full of church ministers) – and after that Science, of course.” It seemed a logical trio to us: philosophy, religion and science are all ways in which people try to make sense of the world.


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