Love and Rockets - The Hernandez BrothersAll is well this Valentine’s Day. The champagne or sparkling grape juice is chilled and the Rat Pack playlist has been chosen. After dinner and chocolates, you and your sweetie, (perhaps just by yourself) are getting into bed with rose petals and a big fat juicy stack of comics. That’s right, Earth Prime Time has your most romantic four-color stories this week to read to your baby this Valentine’s Day.


The modern caption would say, “…In the arms of a Media Blogger!!” - Love Romances - Jack ‘King’ Kirby


King of Comics, Jack Kirby and partner Joe Simon are known for creating Captain America in 1941. Jack and Joe spent most of the 40s and 50s creating all manner of heroes and funny books but were strangely passionate about the romance genre of comics. Panels that permeate pop culture were later stolen by artist Roy Lichtenstein in the style of Kirby and Simon’s Young LoveYoung Romance and In Love books. Initially it was Simon’s idea to get pulp readers to pick up 10¢ illustrated tales of torrid romances, triangles and scandal. Dressing the girls and boys in current hairstyles and high fashion helped move the books along, as well as rare photo covers featuring bombshell cheerleaders. [Young Romance: The Best of Simon & Kirby’s Romance Comics Hardcover, Fantagraphics]