Here at Earth Prime Time, we have plenty to fidget and sigh about. Books are expensive and when our heroes make it to the big screen, we’re either elated or extremely disappointed. Today, an extremely hyped up book hits the stands and tablets across the world and fans of Peter Parker are fidgeting and or sighing with relief. Writer Dan Slott promised one more trick up his sleeve after he killed Peter Parker in the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man #700 just after Christmas. We’re going to talk about that trick and pull a first for this comic book column. We’re going to spoil it so look no further if your Spider-sense is tingling!

I know what you are thinking, there’s a million blogs and tweets about this issue today, mostly from credible sources with great insight and creator access. Why turn to an unprecedented Earth Prime Time single issue review for news about Peter Parker’s fate and Doctor Octopus occupying the Spider-Suit? It’s because these comics are fun and we’re having fun with our torn-up feelings about Slott’s run.

From Big Time to Spider-Island to Marvel NOW the ideas are huge and the character of Peter Parker has felt more authentic than he has in years.

Why kill him off or replace him like oh-so-many stories of Dick Grayson filling in for Bruce Wayne after Final Crisis? To sell more issue #1 comics? Sure. To expand on a 50-year-old property with many television shows, games and movies in it’s wake? Definitely. What’s clear to me after reading this was that Slott and Marvel calculated the fan reaction and let us stew in our own fetid juices for weeks before hinting at a trap-door for Peter.

For weeks we were made to think that was THE END and there was no possible way for Parker to survive a body switch with a decrepit Doc Ock.

The transference of memories and empathy from Peter Parker to his enemy Doctor Otto Octavious in the finale of ASM #700 pointed fingers at permanence and we thought we lost our hero. But did we? Find out after we showcase the breakout stars of Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman’s Superior Spider-Man #1, the all-new Sinister Six.