What better way to start off the year then to get excited about April’s Boston Comic Con? The lineup of guests was announced as we were struggling to get our shopping lists completed. Here’s who we are excited to see this year at one of the largest growing shows of the year. Plus, we get to party with the LeaguePodcast on Saturday, April 20 at an undisclosed but familiar location known for beers, costumes, and loud yelling.

Since expanding into the Hynes Convention Center in Boston’s Back Bay, Boston Comic Con has prospered into one of the largest on the East Coast. You may not be aware, but we Bostonians love to brag about the place and can hardly contain ourselves when it comes to taking our out-of-state friends for a drive along our confusing roadways and rotaries. Boston has some great homegrown talent working in the comic book industry and this is the place to show off for all of the busy artists and writers coming here. This time the convention is set a month after PAX East and a week before many creators head to Chicago’s C2E2, so we are excited to have this many awesome creators under the Hynes roof this year.

Boston Comic Con is Saturday, April 20 and Sunday April 21, with passes available for single day admission or for the weekend.