DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for May 2, 2012


Robert Venditti (The Surrogates) pens the triumphant return of 1990s armored barbarian X-O Manowar for the all-new Valiant Universe. Look for the talking voice variant cover of issue #1 to hear ‘The Voice of War’. … You sure hate Mondays, but Wednesdays just got a little better with the debut of Garfield #1 from kaboom!. Comics legend Mark Evanier (DNAgents, Groo, MAD Magazine) teams up with artist Gary Barker for comic gooier than 7 layer lasagna! … The less questions asked about the new-new DC continuity the better. Earth 2 #1 materializes over at DC to give us alternate versions of Batman, Superman, Power Girl and Huntress. Why? Only Starman’s James Robinson knows. It’s comics—just consume and accept! … LeaguePodcast supports your decision to bring the kids to Free Comic Book Day Saturday!

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