Jumping On Point: THE NIGHTLY NEWS by Jonathan Hickman

The Nightly News was originally published as a six-issue limited series from Image Comics in 2008.

The collected edition is available in trade paperback and an anniversary hardcover.

In the months after #occupy, this is required reading for comic book fans angry with the media and the distortions portrayed by the beast.

Hickman currently works on Marvel’s flagship superhero family Fantastic Four as well as the Ultimate Universe version of The Avengers, The Ultimates.

His earlier work such as The Nightly News and Pax Romana showcases his abilities not only as the writer but also as letterer, colorist, designer and artist.

The best way to describe the art is as an infographic. Every page is footnoted, cataloged, referenced, carefully balanced as graphic design and just packed with words. I had several hard, false starts getting into the book. I’d read a few pages, get lost and distracted.