Oddio Comic #29 - Avengers #60 part 1 - "Till Death Do Us Part" feat. Captain America!

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Oddio Comic #29 - Avengers #60 part 1 - “Till Death Do Us Part” feat. Captain America!


Issue(s): Avengers #60
Published Date: Jan 69
Title: “…Till death do us part!”
Roy Thomas - Writer
John Buscema - Penciler
Mickey Demeo - Inker
Stan Lee - Editor

ODDIO Comic Recorded and Engineered by John ‘Awesome” Hunt (colorist).

John Hunt - Cap, Jarvis, Clown, Human Cannonball

Clay N. Ferno - Yellow Jacket, Black Panther, Luigi Gambonno
Yellow Jacket gets PWN’D by my favorite Marvel, Black Panther - John Buscema, pencils

Matt Dursin - Hawkeye, Ernesto Gambonno

Ray O’Hare - Narrator, Vision, The Ringmaster, The Reverend,

Jamie McKiernan -The Wasp, Sue Richards, Crystal, Princess Python

Presented here, in the perfectly Ordinary Oddio Auspices, is the matrimonial tale of the Wasp and Yellowjacket! Who’ll get stung at Avengers mansion, and are we really to believe that Tony Stark is a teetotaler at the open bar? Jarvis has his hands full servicing so many guests! Will the Ringmaster be the ring bearer or the ring stealer? The Ringmaster wants revenge on Thor, but will he have more than he bargains for? Listen to our Oddio Adventure to find out in part 1 of Avengers #60 - Til Death Do Us Part!

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