DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for December 28, 2011


Iron Man 2.0 (aka War Machine) is one of the axed titles from Marvel’s current budget cuts. Our pal Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Ultimate X-Men) wraps up his Palmer Addley is Dead storyline with issue #12. It’s also a shame we’ll never see him complete his Victor Von Doom origin with Becky Cloonan. The budget cuts are making people scratch their heads because Marvel is now owned by Disney! … Oh, Canada. You get no respect. Another book on the block is Alpha Flight at issue #8. The lead up to the end in issue #7 guest stars Wolverine! … Hot Stove, Cool Comics: Chew #23 unearths the story of a dead baseball player, and Tony Chu serves up an undead spitball! Picks from LeaguePodcast.com.

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