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    2014 BIO:

    Clay landed on the cover of The Boston Phoenix in 2005 for being the ‘Most Popular Man in Boston’ — according to social networking site MySpace. He has since made a career making social connections online and off by following marketing trends and staying ahead of them. By establishing best practices at Middle East Nightclub (@MidEastClub — verified) for social media, he has set an example there for other businesses, venues and independent promoters in town.


    When not working in various roles for popular Boston bands, Clay also runs social media for band clients and fine artists. You may find his comic book and pop culture news columns on local and national websites. When comic book conventions roll into town, Clay is asked to moderate panels of top industry talent or can be found scouring the quarter bins for lost comic book gems. 


    Current Clients & Projects:

    Trifecta Editions | David Buckley Borden | Red Queen Crafts

    Social Media Manager:

    MidEastClub | ZuZuBar 


    Q: What is this site, exactly?

    A: This site is an opportunity.

    I’ve been missing out on opportunities to expose the world to my experiences and to share my skills.

    Working for The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub and sister restaurant ZuZu for the past decade has taught me a few things about social media and branding for small businesses. I am responsible for establishing the social media outlets for both of these brands and initiating best practices for bands and promoters in Boston.

    In December of 2010, I wrote this letter to encourage bands to move toward a social media based promotion system, and this has been a success.

    My education at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Class of 1998, BFA, Studio for Interrelated Media; Minor: Video) provided me with a life skillset of collaboration coupled with the latest technology. Post-college adulthood was a wonderful surprise filled with many challenges and obstacles. I’ve played in bands, co-hosted a successful podcast, produced successful events, welcomed artists to my hometown, worked local crew for a national touring band, and taught many students how to do the same. I’ve had plenty of jobs, relationships with other humans, dealt with my own suffering, and stared down personal demons. Now is the time where I decide to live my life.

    I’ve got great people in my life that I am compelled to give back energy to.

    I will teach, write, review your product, manage your social media & web presence, consult about your band / brand / business, and create some cool images for print or web along the way.

    This website is an open door to my world, and it’s open to you.

    Q: Was that a pitch for your services? How do you make money?

    A: You’ve got that right. This is a pitch for what I can provide to you. I won’t work at a cut-rate. Have you heard of this philosophy? “Work for free or for full price. Never for cheap”. I like that. Let’s talk money after you tell me about your project.

    Q: Do you do public speaking appearances? 

    Yes. Always available for social media consulting for your band or brand, comic book panel discussions, podcast interviews and more. Please email me if you are interested!

    I am available for comic book discussion panels around your kitchen table or at major conventions. I’ve moderated panels before at Boston Comic Con and Rhode Island Comic Con. References available!

    Q: Do you DJ? 

    A: I spin metal, punk, and hip hop. Email me if you want to turn your party out!

    Spoken word and speaking appearances are rare as the years trudge on, I’ll be sure to let you know if I’m speaking.

    Q: What’s with all the talk about comic books and music on the front page?

    A: This is my all inclusive website. Anything and everything will go here!

    If you only want to hear about comics, please go to or our facebook and twitter pages. The same goes for your interest in events at the Middle East and ZuZu.

    Q: What else do you have in store for us here?

    A: Surprises, book reviews, movie reviews, exclusive content, interesting blog posts, promotions, and party invites.

    Q: Do you have a sponsor for this site?

    A: Not yet…are you interested? On book reviews, I’ll post my Amazon referral code.  Any solciited reviews will be published with full disclosure. I am open to advertising opportunities, expecially for comic books, comic related items, book stores or independent businesses. Please contact me at to discuss.

    Q: I really like what you do, can I donate to help you run your site?

    Yes, Please! Donations me with bandwidth and domain registration as well as buying new equipment.


    I wish you all the best! Be the best, eat the best, breathe the best, take the best, and leave the rest! — Clay N. Ferno (Clay Fernald), July 9, 2011 or