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    Dan Panosian Talks ‘Slots’ at FORCES OF GEEK


    Artist Dan Panosian is best known for his work on Marvel and Image books as penciller and inker. Remember those sweet fake X-Men books in the movie Logan? Yup, Dan did those too. Dan joins us today to talk about his bold new crime redemption story from Skybound, Slots. He also reminisces about the early days of Image Comics, why he decided to break into storytelling with Slots at Skybound/Image, and what the future holds for his hero, Stanley Dance.

    * * * * *

    FOG!:  What can you tell us about Slots and your lead character Stanley Dance?

    Dan Panosian: Stanley is the guy who made every selfish decision that most normal people would deem far too indulgent . We can all look back and wonder what our lives would be like if we took some left turns here and there. But generally we’re reasonable and responsible.

    Stanley always listened to the devil on his shoulder and brushed off the angel. Consequently, he doesn’t have many friends or family left. Or chances for that matter.  He’s pretty much done.  That’s where we start off.

    We’ve been a fan of your art for a long time, what made you want to tell this particular story as the writer and artist?

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    FOG! Chats With Sean Mackiewicz, About His New Image Comics Series, ‘Gasolina’ at FORCES OF GEEK


    Skybound editor Sean Mackiewicz joins us today to talk about his latest writing project, Gasolina, from Image Comics. The desert drug lord adventure comic is already off into some interesting and somewhat scary places. Sean tells us what makes Gasolina burn so bright before the first issue hits the shelves later this month on September 20th.

     * * * * *

    FOG!: Sean, you’re known for your Skybound editorial position. What inspired you to shift gears and get behind the writer’s chair?

    Sean Mackiewicz: Finding the right idea.

    Skybound’s been very encouraging in allowing employees to pursue creative projects outside of their main job, and I just couldn’t shake this idea. Doing a modern-day western with incredible vistas and gun fights against cartels armed with some truly gnarly “weapons”… and balancing it with newlyweds just trying to navigate and survive this messed up situation? I like challenging myself.


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    DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for November 14, 2012



    There’s a new book from Robert Kirkman’s (The Walking Dead, Invincible) Skybound imprint out this week. Clone #1 is written by David Schulner (TV’s The Event, Trauma) and confronts a doctor with his own clone in a conspiracy sci-fi thriller! Preview at CBR. … The cover to Star Trek Ongoing #15 has Zach Quinto’s Spock sporting a goatee. That can only mean one thing, he’s evil! This is a modern take of the classic ‘Mirror Universe’ Trek tale! … Matt Fraction is taking on Fantastic Four in a Marvel Now! #1. We’re stoked to see what cosmic craziness Fraction fantasizes for the Fantastic flagship family! Read more about Marvel Now! here at our EARTH PRIME TIME column! … Picks this week from

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    Infiinite #2 - Liefeld / McFarlane (variant)

    Just months before San Diego Comic-Con last year, The Walking Dead writer and Skybound publisher Robert Kirkman announced a new project with Image Comics co-founder Rob Liefeld. The Infinite is the story of 40-year-old Bowen, who has traveled back in time to team up with his 19-year-old self to battle an evil organization called The Infinite. The Infinite Volume 1 collects the first four issues, and is available in stores. Rob Liefeld cited creative differences with Kirkman on Twitter this weekend as the cause for the end of the book.