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    ‘Justice League’ (review) at Forces Of Geek


    Have we broken through? Have the rough drafts been scrapped and the iterations of the Batmobile reached a point where it won’t loose a wheel?

    Folks, I think we’re there, and Justice League and the DC cinematic universe has figured itself out. Is it perfect?

    Far from it, but my prep for the film came in the form of watching Avengers: Age of Ultron and Wonder Woman.

    My logic being, let’s take what we have to build on and look forward from there. Zack Snyder’s Justice Leaguehad the advantage (through very shitty circumstances) of being punched up by Joss Whedon and also the distinct pleasure of being the next chapter to Gal Gadot’s and Patty Jenkins’s incredible Wonder Womanmovie from earlier this year.

    Sure, I’ve been a Man of Steel apologist, and perhaps you might judge me for going against the grain by also championing Suicide Squad so take my ringing Justice League endorsement with a grain of salt, certainly. I can’t blame you for that. I’ve also spent a few Sunday afternoons with Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition because I wanted to. You aren’t the boss of me!



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    LeaguePodcast and DigBoston Comic Book Picks of the Week - September 14, 2011


    Frank Miller (Dark Knight Returns, 300) takes a break from directing and drives it home with the long awaited controversial graphic novel, Holy Terror. Originally slated for DC Comics as “Holy Terror, Batman”, Miller replaces Bruce with a character called The Fixer in this 9/11 anniversary tome that’s “bound to offend just about everybody”. … Fan favorite artist Skottie Young drafts the Edgar Rice Borroughs’ hero John Carter in John Carter - A Princess Of Mars #1. Our resident ape specialist anticipates a drag out fight against the great white apes of Barsoom! … Buffy Season 9 #1 debuts this week, and even the solicit is full of spoilers. Buffy’s no stranger to a fresh start. It’s just like starting over as she relocates to San Francisco - comic book hero capital of the modern world, apparently. … Picks this week from

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