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    Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. May 4, 2016


    Frank Castle, fresh of the news of his Netflix television announcement dons the skull once again in Punisher #1 from Becky Coonan and Steve Dillon! … Who is the traitor among the G.I.Joe ranks? Find out in G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero #228! … For a new book, try out Satellite Falling #1 from IDW to scratch the itch of space operas with bounty hunters on lone planets! … Picks this week from


    BRIAN AZZARELLO Celebrates Dark Lord Day With 3 Floyd's ALPHA KING at FORCES OF GEEK

    Sure, comics and beer have a long storied history.

    I’m willing to bet fermentation and cave paintings have a huge connection. What happens when some beer drinking comic creator legends meet in a bar in Poland and discuss working together someday?

    Swords, zombies and swear words erupt from the quill and the brush.

Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Dark Knight III: The Master Race, Joker, Luthor) joins us today to talk Alpha King #1 and how he became teamed up with Heavy Metal andLobo artist Simon Bisley.

    From legendary brewmaster Nick Floyd (3 Floyds) comes the origin of one of his most popular brews, Alpha King by way of this legendary comics team. This weekend the team signs Alpha King #1 at the annual metal fest and beer celebrationDark Lord Day on April 30, featuring face melting bands Skeleton Witch, EYEHATEGOD and more. 

    Munster, Indiana may never be the same.

    FOG!: Hey, Brian thanks for talking with us about your book with Simon Bisley, Alpha King #1. I’m sure lots of comic book creation has been fueled by beer, but how do you tap into the story of the Alpha King beer?

    BRIAN AZZARELLO: Don’t worry, this is fueled by beer, 3 Floyds beer labels have these characters on them, their beers are names after characters, their flagship beer being Alpha King which I first had 20 years ago. I’ve been a fan of the brewery ever since. They distribute in Indiana, Illinois, some in Kentucky, Ohio, Wisconsin, they don’t have a very large footprint, they really do things their way. 

    The beer is fantastic, I love it, when the opportunity arose with this book when Barnaby Struve who is a consultant with them and brewmaster Nick Floyd and he wanted to do a comic based on these characters, they had created this whole mythology behind them.




    ANOTHER CASTLE Creative Team Andrew Wheeler & Paulina Ganucheau Jump on The Cosmic Treadmill! at FORCES OF GEEK


    Oni Press snuck this one past us like oh so many Koopa shells gliding along on the bricks of life. Another Castle is a limited series that puts the princess in a power position, gives her agency against her captors and ensures that she doesn’t need someone to fight her battles for her.

    While the title references a familiar plumbing video game, what is happening in Another Castle is much more than a retreading or adaptation of a video game story. This fun and positive fantasy adventure is as much about solving problems as it is about empowerment. 

    The creative team of Andrew Wheeler ( and Paulina Ganucheau (Zodiac Starforce) took some table time away from commerce at Emerald City Comic Con to tell us what to expect in the coming issues as well as entice some new readers into Another Castle!

    FOG!: Another Castle has been a great adventure story so far. We have some video game influence, D&D and scary monsters and bosses! What’s a quick pitch to get people into the book?

    Andrew Wheeler: A fan at Emerald City Comicon this past weekend described it as “Lara Croft as a princess”, which is a pretty cool description! I’d call it a damsel-in-distress story where the damsel can save herself, but she’s determined to save everyone else as well.

    Paulina Ganucheau: Whoa I love that description! So cool and accurate.




    Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. April 20, 2016





    Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Trek with Star Trek Manifest Destiny #1! Kirk vs. Klingons in this ultimate space battle. … Flash hits #50 before Rebirth so Barry must win the trust of everyone in Central City. … Max Landis and Jonathan Case are the team for Superman: American Alien #6 when Clark brings a bit of Smallville to the big city of Metropolis and what it means to be his friend! … Picks this week from


    Ash & Hitler Jump on The COSMIC TREADMILL With Ian Edginton and Larry Watts at FORCES OF GEEK


    The name ‘Deadite Adolph Hitler’ is thrown around all too often these days. Luckily the folks at Space Goat (a real thing) have decided to clear the air and pit Ash against this very, very bad man.

    The creative team behind EVIL DEAD 2: Revenge of Hitler, Ian Edginton and Larry Watts, took time out of their busy schedule to join us to talk this special ONE AND DONE™ (Stories so good…we don’t need 2!) comic!

    From the trenches of Berlin to a trench mouth in Texas, here is everything you need to know about our groovy hero taking on a man so evil that he can’t be named, except that he can, and that name is Hitler.

    FOG!: So…from reading your comic and watching a couple documentaries, this Hitler was kind of a jerk, right?

    Larry Watts: A bit.

    Ian Edginton: Actually, the scary thing is, is that he wasn’t. You don’t get to rally a nation behind you by playing the fool. It may seem that way, I mean take Donald Trump—that guy should be wearing clown shoes—but he tells people what they want to hear. He plays on their fears and insecurities. On their need to find easy scapegoats and solutions for larger, more complex issues of politics and policy. 

    You look at Donald Trump and you see a toupee wearing braggart and bully. You look at Hitler and you see a shouty little man with a dumb mustache that even Charlie Chaplin had the good sense to take off at the end of the day. But don’t be fooled, they were and are master manipulators.  

    Wow, that got serious fast!