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    League Podcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for Wed. October 18, 2017


    Marvel numbering is back in a big way with Mighty Thor #700! Jane’s cancer takes a turn for the worse. Captain Jack himself John Barrowman picks up a new Torchwood series in Torchwood #1 right after an alien invasion was just thwarted! … The new Karen Berger imprint at IDW is called Black Crown, kicking off with an all-star lineup of creepy comic creators Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler give us Kid Lobotomy #1. For fans of Peter’s work on Shade, The Changing Man! … Picks this week from

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    eague Podcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for Wed. October 4, 2017


    Fan favorite writer Paul Jenkins tells the story of a futuristic digital forensics investigator in God Complex #1. … Eggsy is back in Kingsman: The Red Diamond #2 - a perfect companion comic to Kingsman: The Golden Circle! … The Enterprise D is a warship in Star Trek: The Next Generation Mirror Broken #4 as Evil Picard holds on to his secret weapon at all costs! … Picks this week from

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    Dan Panosian Talks ‘Slots’ at FORCES OF GEEK


    Artist Dan Panosian is best known for his work on Marvel and Image books as penciller and inker. Remember those sweet fake X-Men books in the movie Logan? Yup, Dan did those too. Dan joins us today to talk about his bold new crime redemption story from Skybound, Slots. He also reminisces about the early days of Image Comics, why he decided to break into storytelling with Slots at Skybound/Image, and what the future holds for his hero, Stanley Dance.

    * * * * *

    FOG!:  What can you tell us about Slots and your lead character Stanley Dance?

    Dan Panosian: Stanley is the guy who made every selfish decision that most normal people would deem far too indulgent . We can all look back and wonder what our lives would be like if we took some left turns here and there. But generally we’re reasonable and responsible.

    Stanley always listened to the devil on his shoulder and brushed off the angel. Consequently, he doesn’t have many friends or family left. Or chances for that matter.  He’s pretty much done.  That’s where we start off.

    We’ve been a fan of your art for a long time, what made you want to tell this particular story as the writer and artist?

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    League Podcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for Wed. September 27, 2017



    Frank faces off against a drug fueled monster in Punisher #16! … The age old battle of Cobra vs. the Joes continues in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #244 by Larry Hama! … Portsmouth PD detective and witch Rowan Black’s adventures and investigations continue in Black Magick #8 by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott. … Picks this week from


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    League Podcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for Wed August 30, 2017




    I sense a plot to destroy the Jedi, and your wallet! Get every variant of the Star Wars Jedi Republic Mace Windu #1 today! … Continue the Jack Kirby 100th Birthday Celebration with Kirby biographer Mark Evanier’s Darkseid Special #1. … Supergirl’s powers are out of control in Supergirl Annual #1. … Picks this week from



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