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    League Podcast Comic Book Picks of The Week for Wed. January 3, 2018


    The X-Men are in The Negative Zone fighting a god in X-Men Gold #18. … The Sinister Six have returned, this time for Miles in Spider-Man #236, Bendis’ flagship title at Marvel. … Guardians of the Galaxy hit #150 with Legacy numbering as the Infinity Stones are in high demand! … Picks this week from

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    League Podcast Comic Book Picks of The Week for Wed. November 29, 2017



    Are you having Disco withdrawals since Episode #9? Don’t worry, we have Star Trek: Discovery #1 for you from IDW, so strap into the spore drive! …There’s no need to fear—Underdog #1 is here, reprinting classic stories from the Gold Key 1975 series. … Krypto and Titus take over as Super-Pets are Unleashed in Super Sons Annual #1. … Picks this week from

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    ‘Monstro Mechanica’ With Paul Allor Interview at Forces Of Geek

    Leonardo Da Vinci stars in the latest book from AfterShock Comics written by Paul Allor (G.I.Joe, TMNT). Paul joined us today to talk about Monstro Mechanica, his take on a robotic Renaissance and the difference between his robot and the one Da Vinci actually designed and built! This fun book places an automaton in the age of de’ Medici family and on the streets of Florence in 1472.

    You’ve never read a book quite like this! Here’s what Paul had to say.

    *   *   *   *   *

    FOG!: Thanks for joining us, Paul! Issue #1 introduces us to Leonardo Da Vinci, a robot and his female apprentice. Why set a comic book story with a robot in The Renaissance?

    Paul Allor: The more heady answer is that the Renaissance is where the modern western conception of the self first began to develop; the idea that every individual has importance and worth beyond their place in society. So we were intrigued by the notion of pairing that time period with the classic sci-fi story of a robot gaining sentience.

    The less heady answer is that a robot in the renaissance sounded like a whole lot of freaking fun.



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    League Podcast Comic Book Picks of The Week for Wed. November 22, 2017


    One thing we can all be thankful for, as comic fans, is Watchmen. Will you also be thankful for a sequel from he top creators in the business? Geoff Johns and Gary Frank give us the highly anticipated Doomsday Clock #1 as the minutes tick closer to Superman! We saw a preview and we have to say it’s one hell of a ride! … Our friend Paul Allor wraps up Clue #6 over at IDW. Remember, communism is just a red herring. …I’d pay good money to see a motorcycle gang led by Betty & Veronica. Oh, I can? I guess I’ll be picking up Betty and Veronica Vixens #1. … Picks this week from


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    League Podcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for Wed., November 1, 2017




    The Joes take on Cobra in an ongoing mission that has results that will change the future of both organizations in G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero #245. …The Joker takes over as the defender of Gotham in Batman: White Knight #2! …Don’t miss Neal Adam’s Deadman #1 and learn more about Boston Brand’s secrets! … Picks this week from

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