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    ‘Monstro Mechanica’ With Paul Allor Interview at Forces Of Geek

    Leonardo Da Vinci stars in the latest book from AfterShock Comics written by Paul Allor (G.I.Joe, TMNT). Paul joined us today to talk about Monstro Mechanica, his take on a robotic Renaissance and the difference between his robot and the one Da Vinci actually designed and built! This fun book places an automaton in the age of de’ Medici family and on the streets of Florence in 1472.

    You’ve never read a book quite like this! Here’s what Paul had to say.

    *   *   *   *   *

    FOG!: Thanks for joining us, Paul! Issue #1 introduces us to Leonardo Da Vinci, a robot and his female apprentice. Why set a comic book story with a robot in The Renaissance?

    Paul Allor: The more heady answer is that the Renaissance is where the modern western conception of the self first began to develop; the idea that every individual has importance and worth beyond their place in society. So we were intrigued by the notion of pairing that time period with the classic sci-fi story of a robot gaining sentience.

    The less heady answer is that a robot in the renaissance sounded like a whole lot of freaking fun.



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    FOG! Chats With ‘The Revisionist’ Writer Frank J. Barbiere - at FORCES OF GEEK



    Frank Barbiere (Five Ghosts, Avengers World) joins us today to talk about his latest time travel crime book  The Revisionist from new publisher Aftershock. The ongoing title stars time traveling assassin tasked with repairing a cracked timeline!

    FOG!: Thanks for joining us today, Frank! The Revisionist #1 is out now, from Aftershock. How did you get involved in the launch of a new publisher?

    Frank Barbiere: I had met Mike Marts a few times socially, and was always interested in working with him. Mike has edited many of my favorite books, including long runs on X-Men and Batman.

    stunWhen Aftershock was starting to get the ball rolling, Mike reached out to see if I had any creator owned properties I was interested in pursuing.

    I’m a creator who loves to have my own books as well as work for hire, so I quickly responded with a few ideas I had kicking around and we settled on The Revisionist.

    Are you happy and excited to work with them? The roster from day one certainly caught my eye!

    It’s been a wonderful experience. Aftershock has built a really strong publisher where they let their talent have creative freedom and work with the people they want—I was able to handpick my creative team (co-creator and artist Garry Brown and colorist Lauren Affe), as I knew they’d deliver a book we were all proud of.

    Everyone involved is extremely passionate about having beautiful, quality books and I think it shows in their library. It’s an honor to be amongst some of the best creators in comics, as well as some of the best new talent.