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    A Slacker Across Multiple Timelines - Back To The Future Day at Forces Of Geek

    A Slacker Across Multiple Timelines

    “What, did you sleep in your clothes again last night?”
    — Dave McFly, 1985

    As far as inspiring quotes, this doesn’t immediately go into the meme bank for everyone, but it’s something I can relate to. 

    I sleep in my clothes, sort of more than I should. Perhaps it’s the late nights at my job or that I stay up so late I don’t want to ever go to bed. Recently, domestic life has steered me into the bed sans jeans more often than not, but hey, it still happens. 

    Was I a ten year old looking up to Marty and subconsciously aping his sleep hygiene habits? Maybe I thought I’d have a hot girlfriend when I got to high school and I could take her to the lake like Marty did in a shiny new Toyota Hilux 4X4. 

    Marty McFly was one of my first movie heroes. And damn, I loved that DeLorean. In fact, I still think about the plutonium and fusion powered, hover-converted bird-winged time machine nearly every day of my life. Here’s what I can remember of the movie and the car, in my sleep deprived old age. 

    Let’s take this to 88 miles per hour! 

    Have you ever been in a DeLorean? It’s pretty sweet but the backseat doesn’t exist. Fitting two adults and two kids into a two-seater is possible, if a bit uncomfortable. 

    For most of my developmental and adult life, I cherished this ride as one of my fondest memories of the 1980s. Until, like when Marty wakes up under his Mom’s care in a dystopian 1985-A in BTTF Part II, everything is not exactly as Marty remembers it. First, everything in this future is a bit darker, and his Mom looks different. Under Biff’s influence, Lorraine Baines-McFly was enhanced, endowed with certain assets.




    Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. October 28, 2015



    This Halloween get into Hellboy Year Two! Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1953—The Phantom Hand & the Kelpie features the phantom hand of a murderer and a demonic water spirit on Hellboy’s first ghost hunt! Wooo-oooo-oooo! … Crime usually ain’t worth a hill o’ beans unless they are exclusive civet (cat-butt) pour-over coffee beans! Stumptown Vol. 3 #8 continues Dex’s Case of the Cup of Joe, from Rockford-O-File Greg Rucka, natch! … The Eight Doctor Paul McGann doesn’t get a lot of screen time but he’s known to many fans for the audio dramas from Gallifrey and a movie from 1996. The Doctor has regenerated into comics form in Doctor Who 8th #1 from Titan! … Picks this week from


    Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. October 21, 2015


    There’s that word again. “Heavy.” Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull? It’s Back to the Future day, so strap on that overboard and avoid the D. Jones Manure Hauling truck. Manure hauling, that’s a weird vocation. IDW celebrates with the Bob Gale (screenwriter) blessed Back to the Future #1! … This week’s The Shield #1 comes from Dark Circle Comics, a new take on an old hero - this time she’s a Daughter of the Revolution, ready to fight for justice and the American Way! … Warren Ellis (Moon Knight, Transmetropolitan) returns to Marvel for Karnak #1. The Inhuman Karnak is a Lee/Kirby creation with Karate skills and puzzle-solving skills, prompting Coulson recruit him for S.H.I.E.L.D. missions … Picks this week from



    New York Times best selling graphic novelist (for Primates: The Fearless Science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Biruté Galdikas), amazing artist and science nerd Maris Wicks chats with us about the inner workings of our inner workings in her new book, Human Body Theater.

    From Abdomen to X-Ray, Maris takes us through the mysterious workings of the human body with a cute skeleton narrator and more than one smiley-faced platelet.

    This is all ages science comics with a purpose! 

    FOG!: Human Body Theater is absolutely brilliant. Why take us through Innerspace in comic book form?

    Maris Wicks: Thank you! Well, I selfishly wanted to make this book because I just think the human body is AWESOME. I chose the form of comics because it’s the most efficient way for me to communicate information.

    As far as I know, there hasn’t been a comic book dedicated to the human body (until now). Side note: I would totally take a remake of Innerspace. Just saying.

    For Primates, and you were the artist on that book, this time you are the writer and artist for what needs to be a scientifically accurate book. How crazy did you go with your research?

    My research for Human Body Theater unknowingly started way back in 2002 when I got certified to be an EMT. Before that, I always had a love for all things anatomical, whether it was purely for artistic inspiration, or if it was the topic of a book I was reading. When Human Body Theater got green-lit, I read every book for kids I could find about the human body (and some geared towards adults too).




    FOG! Takes a Look at CON MAN starring Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion! at FORCES OF GEEK


    This weekend at New York Comic Con, Alan Tudyk (Firefly) appeared with geek celebrities Felicia Day, Seth Green and Nathan Fillion to promote the new Con Man webseries at Vimeo.

    Tudyk stars in the 10-minute episodes as Wray Nerely, a sci-fi actor who has entered the world of celebrity convention guest after his lauded but cancelled Spectrum series was taken off of the air.

    Near to Tudyk’s heart is the story of the inner workings of fandom and conventions, and the thirteen episodes of theIndiegogo-funded series are being released on Wednesdays.

    Read my review of Con Man after the jump.

    ‘I will see you in hell!” — that’s actor Wray Nerely’s character, pilot Cash Wayne’s catch phrase.