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    FOG! Picks The Can’t Miss ‘Halloween Comic Fest’ Titles! at FORCES OF GEEK

    Free Comic Book Day actually comes twice a year, and tomorrow, October 29th, the day wraps itself in gauze and dabs black makeup around it’s eyes.

    That’s right, Halloween Comic Fest 2016 is here, at your participating LCS. Be sure to find grab bags of goodies, some Smarties and other healthy tricks at your local comic book store and as always, buy something, even a little thing to help out the store. Lots of stores have their own costume contests and more. Be sure to check with your store to see if they are participating or if they may have something else fun in store for the whole family!

    And remember, kids, just like the speed limit, obey your store’s limits for free comics. If you are in an urban area riddled with comic shops this may be your opportunity to hit up more than your regular shop to be able to ‘collect ’em all’!

    We’ve made some selections of Halloween Comic Fest 2016 books, labeled in creepy categories that have never seen the light of day, until now! Perhaps they were meant to be hidden forever! Klaatu Barada Nikto!


    Afterlife with Archie Season 2 (Archie Comics


    ZOMG! I can’t believe BLANK got BLANKED with a BLANK on this week’s The Walking Dead!

    Almost as much as I can’t believe Archie has been publishing a daring ZombieVerse Riverdale comic from artist Francesco Francavilla and writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Zombie Jughead. That is all!



    League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. October 26, 2016



    Eric Powell (Goon) presents his first issue of Spookhouse, Scary Comics for Kids! Gather around the campfire, kids (and beware the hook on the rearview mirror! …Frank Castle is out hunting a different kind of monster on Halloween night in Punisher Annual #1 from co-creator Gerry Conway! … Our new friend Benjamin Percy (Green Arrow/Detective Comics) forces together a new Teen Titans #1 team with the not-so-friendly Robin Damian Wayne at the helm! …Picks this week from


    FOG! Chats With DC Comics’ Team Arrow, Benjamin Percy, Juan Ferreyra & Nate Piekos at FORCES OF GEEK



    With CW’s Arrow going into it’s fifth season and 100 episodes (how did that happen?) spawning a superhero revolution on TV with the Arrowverse, a new spike has been given to the Emerald Archer’s popularity.

    DC’s Comics recent Rebirth initiative made comic stores great again and writer Benjamin Percy was able to give Ollie back his goatee and reunites castaway with Black Canary along with selling a ton of Green Arrow Rebirth #1s.

    We talked pre-Rebirth and post-Rebirth with Ben and Rebirth #1 cover artist and co-writer Juan Ferreyra at the DC Comics booth at New York Comic Con last week as Mr. Queen and Black Canary face the Island Of Scars.



    FOG!: Hey guys, it’s an honor to talk with you, I’m a big Green Arrow fan, and I’ve been reading what you’ve been doing since before Rebirth. My first question is, did you feel like Rebirth was a good opportunity to revisit some things, or did you feel like you weren’t done telling part of your (New 52) story?

    Ben Percy: When I jumped into the New 52, and first pitched Green Arrow, I wanted to write Black Canary into it, I was told, “You can’t do that”. I said, “He’s gotta have a goatee,” and I couldn’t do that.

    I was also trying to do the novelist thing, which is playing the long game, which you should never do in comics! Because, I could have been kicked out after a few issues. But early on, I was keeping Ollie away from his costume, away from his bow and arrow in an effort to really get to know him as a person. It felt kid of schizophrenic prior to that in the New 52.

    I really wanted to build up the character, and I had in my mind a Rebirth revitalization of the character, anyway. I was going to move towards that moment when he truly became Green Arrow. It just got sped up a bit for me.

    I did have another storyline involving The Outsiders that I was working towards. There were a lot of hints in there, about that, but its fine. We got rid of that, we just jumped right into the new era.






    League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. October 19, 2016




    Comics picks of the week, Post- New York Comic Con Edition! We’re talking today over at Forces of Geek with Team Green Arrow! Green Arrow #9 has Ollie and Black Canary on Island of Scars. Want to know more, check out the video interview! … Gerard Way’s Young Animal Vertigo ‘popup imprint’ continues with Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #1. We’re hoping the title is enough to get you intrigued. … Trinity #2 with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman from one of our favorite Flash creators in recent years, Francis Manapul puts the team’s friendship in Jeopardy. Suck it, Trebek! … Picks this week from


    NYCC Report: DC Entertainment ‘Meet The Publisher’s’ Panel - at Forces of Geek

    img_4879For answers to the many questions Rebirth leaves the fans with, we headed to “Meet The Publishers” panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday afternoon.

    The packed room full of Damian Waynes, Reys and our favorite, an older gentleman dressed as Wonder Woman, munching on some Kettle Korn.

    DC Entertainment’s co-publishers, Dan DiDio and Jim Lee opened with the usual jokes and self-congratulation for the Rebirth line.  Among the tidbits mentioned during the presentation:

    • Dan admitted that last year’s lukewarm NYCC panel reaction was partly the catalyst for the line wideRebirth change.
    • Respect for legacy and character relationships were two of the other main reasons for the change.
    • 14 million Rebirth books have shipped, and the numbers were strong for Wave 1.