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    ‘DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year’ (review) - at FORCES OF GEEK




    The girls are back, or should I say, have arrived in DC Animation Studio’s latest all ages movie DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year. New versions of Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee and even Big Barda star in this fun action adventure for everyone.

    The class members of Super Hero High is gunning for the trophy of Hero of the Year, as principal Amanda Waller puts the girls in charge of finding out what is wrong with the school’s amethyst crystal.

    Don’t worry, you’ll get to see Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld make an appearance because the main villain for this story is the creepy angular forehead of Dark Opal and a female version of Eclipso!




    League Podcast & Do617 Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. September 7, 2016






    Recently Rebirthed Supergirl #1 from award winning writer Steve Orlando pits Kara against her father, Cyborg Superman! … John Byrne takes photos from Star Trek:TOS and makes brand new stories from them in this week’s Star Trek: New Visions Special Swarm One-Shot. … Jim Zub is back with Glitterbomb #1, a Hollywood horror story with both glitz and gore! … Picks this week from


    FOG! Chats with EarthQuaker Devices’ Matt Horak About ‘OctoSkull’ - at FORCES OF GEEK














    Rock and Roll. Comics. Rock and Comics, our “old alma mater,” as Chuck Berry once said!

    Matt Horak (The Covenant, Thundarr The Barbarian Fan Comic) joins us to talk about the fusing of guitar pedals and the comic stories that back them up.

    Earthquake Devices have commissioned Matt to drum up some interesting stories to market their effects pedals, and gives us a peek at the first story, OctoSkull.


    FOG!: Thanks for joining us, Matt. I’m not a guitarist but thought this was an interesting project. Please tell me first about your guitar pedal company.

    Matt Horak: EarthQuaker Devices began when our illustrious founder, Jamie Stillman, attempted to fix one of his broken pedals. This led to him building some of his own pedals and selling them online. Flash forward 10 years and EQD has a line of 30+ pedals and 30+ employees.




    League Podcast & Do617 Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. Aug 31 2016



    The Legend of Wonder Woman wraps up it’s first arc with issue #9 today, written and drawn by Renae De Liz. This YA telling of the Wonder Woman story is the perfect intro to get young girls interested before the Amazonian Princess hits the big screen next year! … Sampson’s league of super-villains are taking over the planet in Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s incredible Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 #3. … The Deadite polls show a huge gap but we know who is going to take the election this year in the land of the Necronomicon Ex Mortis: Ash, baby! Don’t wait until November, check out the Army Of Darkness Ash For President today!… Picks this week from


    ‘James Bond Vol.1: VARGR’ (review) at FORCES OF GEEK


    James Bond Vol. 1: VARGR
    Written by Warren Ellis
    Illustrated by Jason Masters
    Published by Dynamite Entertainment
    ISBN: 9781606909010 | Price $19.99
    Release date: June 22, 2016

    Those fans of 007 may not have gotten all they wanted from Daniel Craig’s most recent performance of the MI-6 agent in Spectre last year, but may very well be delighted at what Warren Ellis has been able to do in the comic series from Dynamite.

    Ian Fleming Publications and the Fleming Estate commissioned Ellis to approach the character for comics stemming from a licensing deal with Dynamite. The first story art is collected here in one volume, VARGR. Currently on stands is Ellis’ second arc with artist Jason Masters. More writers and artists including Andy Diggle (Green Arrow) will be brought on later this year to fill out more of 007’s modern comic continuity.