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    ZOOTOPIA (movie review) at FORCES OF GEEK

    Produced by Clark Spencer
    Story by Byron Howard, Rich Moore, 
    Jared Bush, Phil Johnston, Jennifer Lee, 
    Joshie Trinidad, Jim Reardon
    Screenplay by Jared Bush, Phil Johnston
    Directed by Byron Howard,
     Rich Moore, Jared Bush
    Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman,
    Idris Elba, J.K. Simmons, Tommy Chong,
    Octavia Spencer, Jenny Slate, Shakira

    Disney’s Zootopia is the latest from the main mouse studio to anthropomorphize animals and have them burrow into our hearts.  Jason Bateman stars as fantastic fox Nicholas P. “Nick” Wilde opposite the real star of Zootopia, Ginnifer Goodwin as Zootopia Police Department’s first bunny rabbit officer Judy Hopps.

    In a world where predator and prey have put aside their differences and mostly live in peace side by side in the city of Zootopia, some mammals have gone missing and Judy sets out to get to the bottom of the mystery in fear of losing her job.

    The resolution and detail of the best animation technology and talent in the world is on display here with Zootopia, as the Disney machine keeps on rolling. 

    Zootopia is a funny movie but not without drama, as the city of Zootopia is revealed to us as a whole new world where animals dominate!

    Cleverly, the movie sets us up with young bunny Judy in a school play that reflects the rules of the new society we are introduced to in Zootopia. If only more fantasy movies gave a wink and five minutes of exposition at the top we’d all leave the theatre a little less rattled!

    Sure, that’s for the kids who will no doubt be watching this over and over on iPads in the backseats on road trips, but for an adult, the explanation serves to rationalize our own obsession with scooping up Zootopia toys from the aisles of Target. We adults will be able to say, “I love THE MESSAGE Zootopia has to teach kids, that we can all GET ALONG”, in the same breath as we snatch the last plush Judy Hopps off the shelf—leaving a snot-nosed kid in a carriage crying because we took his favorite new toy.

    Moving on, Judy (Ginnifer Goodwin) is mocked by her parents and her 237 rabbit siblings that she wants to become a police officer. These jobs are typically occupied by bigger, stronger species. Through pure will and determination she trains her way through Police Academy (in a Full Metal Jacket montage) and earns her stripes to move away from her parent’s carrot farm in Bunnyburrow to the big city to be assigned to Zootopia Police Department.




    FOG! Chats With THE ONLY LIVING BOY Writer/ Co-Creator David Gallaher! at FORCES OF GEEK


    Harvey-Award winning comic creators David Gallaher (High Moon, Convergence: Green Lantern Corps) and Steve Ellis (High Moon, Hulk, Breaking Bad) have dubbed their studio Bottled Lighting and judging by the success of the comics they produce this is an appropriate name! 

    David joins us today to talk about The Only Living Boy: Volume One which is coming to bookstores everywhere fromPapercutz. 

    The Only Living Boy started as a webcomic and was previously printed in a Kickstarter campaign before being collected in the upcoming edition.

    David took the time to talk with us today to tell us the origin of this comic and more below as how Bottled Lightning came to be!

    FOG!: I’ve just finished the first volume of The Only Living Boy and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing! How has the community support from Kickstarter to the webcomics helped you guys get the book to the people?

    David Gallaher: First of all, thank you. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. 

    Technology has enabled us to reach everybody who has an internet connection and we love the digital community that has helped bring The Only Living Boy to the forefront. 

    We’ve been able to offer the series through so many different platforms — Kickstarter, Tapastic, Noisetrade, Tumblr, comiXology, Humble Bundle — and the response has been extraordinary. We’ve have over 200,000 readers across platforms and that’s been really special to us. 

    Our passionate fans are the reason we are here.




    Dig Boston and League Podcast Comics Picks of the Week for Wed. March 2, 2016



    Waid and Samnee are at it again with a familiar Daredevil sometime girlfriend and big screen Avenger in a brand new Black Widow #1. … Green Lantern hits #50 this week as Hal faces off against the Parallax gauntlet and defends the Earth. … Horror comic writer Peter Millagan returns with a new Image comic The Discipline #1 revealing a carnal seduction mystery that will change Melissa’s life forever! … Picks this week from



    Produced by Adam Bohling, David Reid, Rupert Maconick,
    Valerie Van Galder, Matthew Vaughn
    Screenplay by Sean Macaulay, Simon Kelton
    Directed by Dexter Fletcher
    Starring Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman, Christopher Walken,
    Mark Benton, Keith Allen, Jo Hartley, Tim McInnerny

    “The thrill of victory, ..and the agony of defeat” was the signature tag on ABC’s Wide World of Sports program depicting ski jumper Vinko Bogataj tumble in a fateful failed jump.

    We are now two years away from the next Winter Olympics in PyeongChang when this movie about a victorious ski jumper hits the screen. 

    Eddie the Eagle tells the story of British ski jumper and famous underdog Eddie Edwards (Taron Egerton) and coach Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman) preparing for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary.

    Produced by Fox in association with Marv Films (Matthew Vaughn), this Dexter Fletcher directed film is full of heart and the spirit of amateur athletics driving men and women to pursue their dreams to become Olympic athletes. 

    The movie certainly has it’s moments of big screen action but for American audiences, the reverence to an underdog British sports icon might land the jump a few meters short of a qualifying distance.

    While the story in the biopic is mostly made up, it is partially based on Eddie’s 1988 book Eddie the Eagle: My Story. We open to see a boy with a leg brace grow up to be the first British ski jumper since 1929. 

    Eddie (Egerton) doesn’t meet the requirements to join the downhill ski team in 1984 so shifts focus to ski jumping which he has never done before! He borrows enough to make it to the only ski jumping training facility in Europe, Garmisch in Southern Germany. There, he meets up with the fictional Bronson Peary (Jackman), an amalgamation of some of Eddie’s real life coaches at his real life training ground, Lake Placid. 

    Going from the smaller hill to the 70m run in the movie, Eddie gets the skiing part down but not the critical landing piece, but always seems to get back up to try again. The American groundskeeper Bronson Peary takes some persuading to help out Eddie but of course does to train him for the 70m.

    The screenplay as a backbone to this story is a bit predictable, with the old drunk coach being coaxed out of retirement before the kid breaks his fool neck. There is a significant cameo with Christopher Walken playing the Qui-Gon to Jackman’s Obi-Wan in a voiceover as Eddie is learning how to ski from Warren Sharp’s (Walken) book.

    I guess there comes a time in every studio filmmaker’s career where they need to make an 80s throwback winter sports montage movie — and this is that film for both Matthew Vaughn and Dexter Fletcher. From the Back To School Specialand Quantum Leap synth theme score to mixed with songs from Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Thin Lizzy on the soundtrack the music captures the essence of the time.

    Training montage? Check. Multiple training montages? Check.



    TRIPLE SHOT with a DIGITAL CHASER: Black Magick #5, Army of Darkness Furious Road #1, Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1 Plus Adventures of Supergirl #3 - Forces Of Geek

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This reviewer read an unlettered proof of ARMY OF DARKNESS: FURIOUS ROAD. it is now known that this is not a ‘silent’ issue. The new, Updated TRIPLE SHOT below!

    TRIPLE SHOT with a DIGITAL CHASER: Black Magick #5, Army of Darkness Furious Road #1, Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1 Plus Adventures of Supergirl #3


    We’ve got witches, werewolves (not swear wolves), and Ivan meeting G.I. Joe
    in this week’s Triple Shot!

    Rucka and Scott finish up the first volume of Wiccan detective story Black Magick. 

    Over at Dynamite, Ash stars in Army of Darkness and a Clash Sandinista track comes

    to life as they team up with Capcom to promote a battle royale game 
    Street Fighter V
     with Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1. I got next game!

    Sterling Gates continues on a very satisfying compliment to Supergirl on CBS
    with Adventures of Supergirl Chapter 3 only on ComiXology!

    Black Magick #5 
    Writer: Greg Rucka
    Artist: Nicola Scott
    Publisher: Image Comics
    Pub. Date: February 24, 2016
    UPC: 70985301997800511
    Price: $3.99








    The latest in this witchy supernatural detective story Black Magick
    from the superstar team of Greg Rucka (Lazarus, Stumptown,
    Star Wars, Gotham Central
    ) and Nicola Scott (Earth 2, Birds of Prey)
    wraps up the first arc before taking a hiatus to get an issue in the can
    and to release a trade in April.

    When the trade hits, I’m hoping for more attention to this incredible book.

    Part police procedural, part Wiccan ceremony, Black Magick tells the story
    of Rowan Black, a witch on the Portsmouth police department as a detective. 

    Fans of the show iZombie (and the comic, duh) will appreciate the
    supernatural mixed with the police work that we know Rucka
    is so great at constructing. When I read Rucka’s crime books
    I want to marathon The Rockford Files!

    Of course Nicola Scott’s art is knockout amazing, full of detail, and with the
    exception of expressions of magick it self is black and white (published in
    four color process, with greyscale inks). She draws beautiful and
    realistic ladies and is one of the best artists on the shelves today.
    Color assists on the art by Chiara Arena.

    This story wraps up some loose ends but leaves you wanting to know more
    about the threats darkening Rowan’s door.

    I don’t know much about spells and witchcraft in real life but if
    I want to pretend, I can recite the spells from this well-researched book,
    cleverly edited by Jeanine Schaefer (formerly of Marvel, now a freelance editor).

    Army of Darkness Furious Road #1
    Writer: Nancy A. Collins
    Art: Kewber Baal
    Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
    Pub. Date: March 2, 2016
    UPC: 72513024590801011
    Price: $3.99








    I’ve said it before, and now that I see another Army of Darkness title from Dynamite,
    I’m even more confused.

    Oh well, we live in a time where Flash and Supergirl will team up across different
    networks, Ash vs. Evil Dead is a TV show and someone more scary than a
    hologram from The Dark Knight Returns is angling to be president.

    What am I on about? I simply do not understand the rights issues
    involved with Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise! Can the TV show not really
    not use the store name of S-Mart? Is it even possible to break up print distribution
    rights for a property? 

    Just last month, I praised Space Goat’s Evil Dead 2: Cradle of the Damned
    and looked forward to Ash taking on Hitler. …and then this happened!

    Dynamite (perhaps the holder of the MGM Army of Darkness license?
    Spitballing here…) is about to unleash Furious Road, a Mad Max
     style look into the future 20 years from ‘now’.
    This story is set twenty years from whenever ‘now’ is.

    Acclaimed horror writer Nancy A. Collins also has a few
    comics under her belt (Swamp Thing, Jason vs. Leatherface, Vampirella)
    set us up here with a post-apocalyptic road warrior view of Ash’s beloved hometown,
    complete with ridiculous outfits, shaved haircuts and heavily armored cars. 

    Many reviewers (myself included) were mistakenly slipped an unlettered proof.
    Thankfully we received a new copy of the book for us to revise our review. Sorry about that! 

    What was criminally missing was the famous Ash quips and references to
    previous issues and even a certain Cabin in the Woods.

    Not to be one-upped by a Hitler book, Dynamite goes Legion of Monsters 

     with this one has Frank N. Stein (he prefers Michael),
    Eva and the Daughter of Dracula enlist Ash to track down the Necronomicon.
    I guess this is just another tricky day at the Housewares Department at S-Mart for Ash.

    Highly recommended for fans of whatever movie or tv show is your
    favorite one starring the guy with the chainsaw hand!