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    League Podcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for Wed. September 27, 2017



    Frank faces off against a drug fueled monster in Punisher #16! … The age old battle of Cobra vs. the Joes continues in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #244 by Larry Hama! … Portsmouth PD detective and witch Rowan Black’s adventures and investigations continue in Black Magick #8 by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott. … Picks this week from


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    League Podcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for Wed. September 20, 2017


    Valiant’s Bloodshot returns in an all new ongoing written by Jeff Lemire, Bloodshot Salvation #1. … Gasolina #1 comes from Skybound editor Sean Mackiewicz, telling the story of one couple taking on a cartel in Mexico. … G.I. Joe First Strike #1 has it all—Cybertron, Scarlett, V.E.N.O.M. and M.A.S.K.! … Picks this week from

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    FOG! Chats With Sean Mackiewicz, About His New Image Comics Series, ‘Gasolina’ at FORCES OF GEEK


    Skybound editor Sean Mackiewicz joins us today to talk about his latest writing project, Gasolina, from Image Comics. The desert drug lord adventure comic is already off into some interesting and somewhat scary places. Sean tells us what makes Gasolina burn so bright before the first issue hits the shelves later this month on September 20th.

     * * * * *

    FOG!: Sean, you’re known for your Skybound editorial position. What inspired you to shift gears and get behind the writer’s chair?

    Sean Mackiewicz: Finding the right idea.

    Skybound’s been very encouraging in allowing employees to pursue creative projects outside of their main job, and I just couldn’t shake this idea. Doing a modern-day western with incredible vistas and gun fights against cartels armed with some truly gnarly “weapons”… and balancing it with newlyweds just trying to navigate and survive this messed up situation? I like challenging myself.


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    League Podcast Comic Book Picks of The Week Wed. September 12, 2017




    Learn the chilling secret of the lighthouse in Duck Tales #1 from IDW from the hit new Disney reboot! Woo-oo! …Kirby’s greatest creation Mister Miracle is given the Tom King treatment in Mister Miracle #2. Is this all a dream for Scott Free? … The reboot of a comic series that’s never existed lands in Retcon #1. One of the coolest concepts we’ve seen in a while. Back to basics before it even gets too out of control! … Picks this week from



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    League Podcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for Wed. September 6, 2017


    Stray #1 is back in a new ongoing series from the pages of Actionverse! … Riri and Tony are helmet to helmet in Generations Iron Man & Ironheart #1. … Oxfords, not brogues old chap! In anticipation of the new movie is Kingsman: The Red Diamond #1 hits shelves today from new writer Rob Williams! … Picks this week from

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