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    DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week! July 27, 2011


    LeaguePodcast favorite Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise, Echo) delivers his highly anticipated dip into the horror genre with Rachel Rising #1. Rachel has returned from the grave to find her number one squeeze is shacking up with another babe. It’s your standard zombie romance revenge tale in this premier ish!. …Venom #5 puts war hero Flash Thompson in the suit of goo and reboots the 90s web-villian as a government weapon! Peter Parker and Flash set aside differences in this Marvel Team-Up for the greater good. … Fozzy thinks he’s got jokes, but he may have to enroll in one of those embarrassing improv classes to improve his routine. Disney and Marvel present the all-ages Meet The Muppets #1 all-variety issue with bonus Pigs in Space skit!
    Picks from week from, natch!

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    LeaguePodcast #88 Up Today! Matt Dursin has a new book out!

    (via League of Ordinary Gentlemen Comics Podcast: League of Ordinary Gentlemen Podcast Episode #88 - WOLVERINES!)


    Download | Duration: 01:09:06


    It’s not that often I get to plug something really great that my friends are doing. It’s truly an honor to talk a bit with Manager/Co-host Matt Dursin about his latest anthology book from the Comics Experience class. Plus our co-host John Hunt on letters!

    Order yours today, it’s only $10. I saw the pencils in early stages and can’t wait to read the book. Good on ya, guys!

    League of Ordinary Gentlemen Podcast Episode #88 - WOLVERINES!: #comics #gijoe  cc @comicexperience


    LeaguePodcast and DigBoston Comic Book Picks of the Week - July 20, 2011


    Wonder Woman! All the world is waiting for Denny O’Neil to put the Amazon Princess back in her white thrift store pant-suit in DC Retroactive Wonder Woman - The 70s (One Shot). … Superhero comics have always gotten opportune jolts to keep the audience interested. From O’Neil spotlighting addiction in the 70s to Miller reinventing Batman as the Dark Knight in the 80s, even non comic fans rush to the rack. Garth Ennis is generating that buzz today with The Boys. Learn the origin of their leader in Butcher Baker Candlestickmaker #1. … What is this, Bizarro World? Duh! Superboy retches at his Bizarro counterpart kissing a yucky girl in Tiny Titans #42. Picks from

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    Oddio Comic #29 - Avengers #60 part 1 - "Till Death Do Us Part" feat. Captain America!

    Download | Duration: 00:13:28

    Oddio Comic #29 - Avengers #60 part 1 - “Till Death Do Us Part” feat. Captain America!


    Issue(s): Avengers #60
    Published Date: Jan 69
    Title: “…Till death do us part!”
    Roy Thomas - Writer
    John Buscema - Penciler
    Mickey Demeo - Inker
    Stan Lee - Editor

    ODDIO Comic Recorded and Engineered by John ‘Awesome” Hunt (colorist).

    John Hunt - Cap, Jarvis, Clown, Human Cannonball

    Clay N. Ferno - Yellow Jacket, Black Panther, Luigi Gambonno
    Yellow Jacket gets PWN’D by my favorite Marvel, Black Panther - John Buscema, pencils

    Matt Dursin - Hawkeye, Ernesto Gambonno

    Ray O’Hare - Narrator, Vision, The Ringmaster, The Reverend,

    Jamie McKiernan -The Wasp, Sue Richards, Crystal, Princess Python

    Presented here, in the perfectly Ordinary Oddio Auspices, is the matrimonial tale of the Wasp and Yellowjacket! Who’ll get stung at Avengers mansion, and are we really to believe that Tony Stark is a teetotaler at the open bar? Jarvis has his hands full servicing so many guests! Will the Ringmaster be the ring bearer or the ring stealer? The Ringmaster wants revenge on Thor, but will he have more than he bargains for? Listen to our Oddio Adventure to find out in part 1 of Avengers #60 - Til Death Do Us Part!

    Don’t miss Captain America in his very own motion picture film this weekend. Get Tickets below, natch!

    Buy advance tickets to Captain America!


    Save the Date - 10/16 Clay N. Ferno's Birthday Party @MidEastClub!

    Sunday, ROCK-TOBER 16
    Middle East Upstairs at 8PM and Rock On! Concerts present
    The Bombpops (Red Scare Records, San Diego, CA)
    Continental (featuring Rick Barton of The Outlets / Dropkick Murphys)
    Hands Like Bricks (LA, CA)
    and Special Guests for
    Clay N. Ferno’s Birthday Party
    18+ $9 Advance / $10 Day Of Show
    TIX - Facebook Event


    I’m ready to take you on a punk rock ride with some of my favorite bands from out-of-town, The Bombpops (Red Scare Records, San Diego, CA) and Hands Like Bricks (LA, CA)! Joining the soft-coast gang is the venerable Dr. Rick Barton of the Outlets and Dropkick Murphys, with his new project Continental.

    Come join me for the 36th Birthday Stitches, it will be a party. Falafel optional at the world famous Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub.

    We’re teaming up with RockOn! Concerts and the NYCC-bound LeaguePodcast for one heckuva blowout!

    Clay N. Ferno being a creep at The Dwarves - pic by Eric Law