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    10/16 Clay N. Ferno's Bday w/ THE BOMBPOPS (San Diego), CONTINENTAL, CHIP and XTOWN XPRESS & more #punk


    Sunday, October 16, 2011

    Middle East Upstairs and Rock On! Concerts present
    The Bombpops (Red Scare Records, San Diego, CA)
    Continental (featuring Rick Barton of The Outlets / DKM)
    Hands Like Bricks (LA, CA)
    Chip and The Crosstown Express
    Clay N. Ferno’s Birthday Party
    18+ $9 Advance / $10 Day Of Show
    TIX - Facebook Event

    8pm Doors


    The Bombpops have proven to be one of Southern California’s hardest working bands, drawing influences from ’90s skate punk and Fat Wreck Chords bands like NOFX, Lagwagon, Descendents, and No Use For A Name.

    Fronted by two girls ripping on guitars and vocals, and backed by dudes holding down a strong rhythm section, The Bombpops offer a fresh, honest, in your face, delivery of catchy melodic pop punk songs.

    Formed in early 2008, with members fresh out of (and others still in) High School, The Bombpops quickly established a name for themselves in the So-Cal punk scene opening up for punk rock giants such as Bad Religion, GBH, TSOL, The Adolescents, Strung Out and The Queers.

    With their first official EP “Like I Care” released on Red Scare Industries in November 2010, their second EP “Stole the TV” on the way and relentless touring under their belts, The Bombpops have no plans of slowing down.

    “Perfect for blasting through some pool corners or for keeping the good attitude going” -

    “The Bombpops are a female fronted quartet and a force to be reckoned with… Like I Care delivers some of the quickest and most melodic punk tracks of the year! “- Scene Point Blank

    Artist Website:



    Hailing from the Hallowed grounds of the garage at 123 Centre Street (former home of the “Dropkick Murphy’s” and “Everybody Out”) comes Rick Barton’s latest and greatest incarnation “Continental.”

    Continental will never be defined by a particular genre. They blend a unique style of rock, folk,country and blues to as closely follow Gram Parsons mission of “Cosmic American Music.” Some of the initial comparisons have been to Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and The Velvet Underground. Continental will be a touring, starving, and hard working band coming to your town.

    Artist Website:



    Remember when punk rock bands played in basements? Tall boys, best friends, bad lighting, and bands without make-up or hair that impaired their depth perception? This is Hands Like Bricks.

    A Los Angeles foursome with an idea that punk rock is about best friends having awesome times together, Hands Like Bricks write unpretentious, sing-along anthems that speak to your soul, and voice things we can all relate to. With an impressive punk rock pedigree that stretches from New Jersey to Los Angeles, Hands Like Bricks is bringing punk rock back to the kids that couldn’t find a family anywhere else, whether they are 13 or 37.

    Artist Website:



    Craving a high energy musical fix full of soulful melodies, innate harmonies, and carefully crafted songwriting? SEXCoffee is an alternative rock quintet best served live, loud, or recorded. Sean McCarthy from Standard Times praises SEXCoffee as “a high-energy rock band with a solid reputation”, while The Noise Magazine says “They sound like a band that knows how to carve their own musical path and does so with aplomb.”

    Through the in-your-face vocal presence of front-woman Ruth Charbonneau, the dueling guitar riffs of Joey Magnanti (guitar/vocals) & Josh Baptista (guitar), and the thunderous low end rhythm section of Sharlene DeNardo (bass/vocals) and Paul Campbell (drums/vocals), SEXCoffee’s eclectic musical brew is a genre-breaking force in both their recorded and live sound.

    Sharing the stage with such high profile acts as Candlebox, Halestorm, Siobhan Magnus (from American Idol) Company of Thieves and Me Talk Pretty, this multi-award winning band maintains and values a competent work ethic along with attention to melodious detail. Once you’ve had a taste of SEXCoffee’s infectious blend, you’ll be feeling satisfied to the last drop!

    Artist Website:



    Come early - Chip’s set opens the night at 8:30! Chip is saddled with the burden of being one of Clay’s closest friends. This Middle East Upstairs debut of the CHIP AND THE CROSSTOWN EXPRESS is going to be epic.

    “Just in case you weren’t aware: Jimmy Fallon is my best friend. We opened an old phone museum. Fell in love with a Korean. Soup friends for life. Oh yes, soup friends for life.”- Soup Pals

    Boston / New York singer songwriter. Tributes to old phone museums (Old Phone), The Turkey’s Nest in Brooklyn (Soup Pals), Jacket Magazine (Jimmy I Lost My Jacket), Jimmy Fallon , Brooklyn’s G-Train (G Train), Soon Lee from M*A*S*H (Soon Lee), and many more. The Chip and The Crosstown Express EP was produced by Randy Miller and Iyad Kheirbek (Wild Zero, C.O.N.D.O.R.).

    Here’s Chip and the Crosstown Express at the Miss G-Train Pageant, 2009.

    DOWNLOAD his EP for FREE at bandcamp -

    Artist Website:



    DigBoston and LeaguePodcast Comic Book Picks of the Week! September 28, 2011


    “Parker!” J. Jonah Jameson’s smitten by the same blasted affliction of his rival, The Amazing Spider-Man in this chapter of #SpiderIsland! Who’s the menace, now? The erstwhile editor of The Daily Bugle swings in to action as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Mayor in ish #670! ‘Nuff Said! …Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? When we yelled “Parker!”, did your mind’s eye picture Ray Parker, Jr.? I think you better tap your bluetooth and call on Ghostbusters #1 from IDW! All new, ongoing, and slimey! Alright, who brought the dog? …Eric Shanower and illustrious illustrator illuminati Skottie Young bring you back to the land of OZ after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake swallows Dorothy and her kitten Eureka in our all ages pick of the week, Dorothy And Wizard In Oz #1! Picks from LeaguePodcast.

    Pass the Daily Dig along! Your friends can sign up here!


    NEW ART - 10/16 THE BOMBPOPS @MidEastClub Up - My Birthday Show


    Finally putting this one in the ‘done’ pile.

    Pencils & inks from my hand.  Typeset and colors on the computer. My first coloring with a Wacom. Almost getting the hang of it, but I ised the mouse and trackpad for a lot of it.


    The Bompops Oct. 16, 2011 at The Middle East

    Looking forward to all the great bands:

    Sunday (post NYCC) - October 16, 2011! and Rock On! Concerts present
    The Bombpops (Red Scare Records, San Diego, CA)
    Continental (featuring Rick Barton of The Outlets / DKM)
    Hands Like Bricks (LA, CA)
    Chip and The Crosstown Express
    Clay N. Ferno’s Birthday Party 
    18+ $9 Advance / $10 Day Of Show 
    TIX - Facebook Event




    Read more comics: Funny Books For Jerks - from PTSOTL

    I wrote this guest blog post for Luke over at Put That Shit On The List!
    Check it out!
    Did you know there are still people out there in the world who don’t read comic books? That’s weird. I asked my main comic nerd Clay N Ferno, who does a weekly comics podcast, to share some ideas of jumping off points for people who are sick of reading books without pictures.

    Luke and I are taking turns buying and ‘trading’ trade paperbacks of The Walking DeadAMC hit, Season 2 premieres October 16). That swap came to a halt as Luke prepares for legal battles with The Daily Show because of his current obsession with A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin (aka HBO’s Game of Thrones). He asked me to suggest some comics to this jaded blog audience and he promised I didn’t have to be funny about it or talk about masturbatory shame related to our girl Kreayshawn. “Bonus points for that, though,” he said. 

    First, a bit about our podcast. Not everyone in town has a comic book podcast, and believe me, our egos can take the blows of any criticism you might drop on us for that. Three of us have known each other from high school.  ‘Awesome’ John Hunt was the older brother and Executive Producer of the VHS masterpiece ‘Dursin the Firestarter’ films circa 1990s Abington, MA. Like minds meld together. Jaush Lingel bonded with Dursin about comics over some beers at an ‘adult’ party, or so the legend was told to me, at the 2009 New York Comic Con. We’re not too old, too young, too nerdy, too humble, or too ridiculous for putting out a weekly podcast about comic books. John, for example, is a comic book colorist and letterer who’s worked on Star Trek books, One Piece and most recently at Marvel Comics.

    For everyone that skipped to this bulleted list, here’s some comic book suggestions for you. Go visit a comic book store. They usually have candy this time of year. It’s a good time because DC Comics did a marketing stunt in September…and it worked. How they pulled it off was pretty awesome.
    • Catwoman #1 - There’s more bra and panty fetish drawings in this book than all get out.
    • Sandman, Vol. #1 - Preludes and Nocturnes - Amanda Palmer’s husband did this. He invented girls getting Ankh tattoos.
    • Captain America by Jack Kirby, Vol. 1: Madbomb - Jack Kirby is the guy that made Stan Lee famous. To say anything bad about King Kirby damns you to an eternal damnation of Bronies dressing you up for pretty costume contest that you always lose. He invented Marvel Comics and got like 1% of the money and credit.
    • Tiny Titans Vol. 01: Welcome to the Treehouse [Paperback] (or just any old issue of Tiny Titans) - This is cute, younger versions of the World’s Finest Comic Heroes. Robin heads the team, but Alfred makes them take baths! I always ‘buy this one for my niece’ when I go to the store. Always some meta comic book in-jokes about continuity and costumes in here. Darkseid is the substitute principal! Aww Yeah, Titans!
    • Phonogram Vols. 1 & 2 - Kieron Gillen (now on X-Men!) and artist Jamie McKelvie (Cable, X-Men & More!) wrote this unbelievable tribute to new wave, magic, The Pill (Causeway Above the Penalty Box years), The Ting Tings, girl singers, love, betrayal, murder, and record collections. Set in 2006 London and referencing ‘bands I never cared about’ like The Auteurs, The Libertines, and Ocean Colour Scene, this well indexed tome is better than a Saturday night at The Common Ground (RIP). Just remember the rules - no boy singers, you must dance, and NO MAGIC on the dance floor.

    OK, that’s it. Don’t be such a pussy when you go into the store, either. Just pick up some books, ask for one of these, and be a (wo)man about it. There’s no secret sauce, but the artists, writers, and John need you to spend a couple bucks at the store. I write the comic picks of the week for DigBoston’s Wednesday email. Check that out or see them on our page, where we make fun of girls, talk about working out, what’s wrong with Hollywood, and the REAL losers we went to high school with. Maybe you don’t like comics, but you DO like wasting time at work, so listen to our Odd-io Comics. These are audiobooks for comics. Here’s my favorites: SUPERMAN in POWERSTONE, and yours truly as SPIDER-MAN in BETRAYED.

    Clay N. Ferno, Assistant Manager,

    Captain America by Jack Kirby, Vol. 1: Madbomb

    Captain America by Jack Kirby, Vol. 1: MadbombCaptain America by Jack Kirby, Vol. 1: Madbomb by Jack Kirby

    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    Wow! The Bicentennial run of Jack ‘King’ Kirby on Captain America (with Falcon): MADBOMB has some completely off-the wall bonkers patriotism and comic book fun!

    Great extras from Marvel in this book. A/B Kirby’s pencils with fully produced art for most of the covers! John Romita inks the cover of ish #193.

    Jim (my good pal lending me all of this bat-koo-koo Kirby stuff) left me a note, “Here is Vol. 1 of Kirby Cap from the 70s - it is insane”.

    Hmmm..let me count the ways…

    A powdered wig aristocrat plotting to bring back nobility to power (what?), small machines with mind control capability, a BIG-ASS version of those machines, Falcon using the word ‘dude’ every other panel…and a 200 year old ancestral grudge over a pistol duel!

    To say I enjoyed this book after trying to make sense of the Fourth World stuff is an understatement. I can connect with Kirby’s Marvel work a bit easier, and this was one story arc with two main heroes.

    The production of the coloring in this book and the two Kirby Black Panther books are really nice ‘remasters’ of the original plates and the Kirby crackle pops on the glossy pages.

    Thanks, Cap! Make my Kirby Marvel!

    Clay N. Ferno on Goodreads