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    Action Comics #0 - Art by Ben Oliver
    One year after the relaunch of the DC Universe, with many titles still holding strong through two waves of cancellations, DC breaks the flow to provide Secret Origin stories for many characters. Finally we will get a peek at the five year gap between the Flashpoint story and the first appearance of The New 52 The Justice League.

    Need some comics to pull out of your backpack on the quad to impress that cute co-ed with the Scott Pilgrim vs. The WorldSharpie‘ shirt? How about sparking off that fling with a re-imagining of Clark Kent’s first years in Metropolis in Action Comics #0 or read about how Bruce Wayne got his martial arts training before becoming Batman in Detective Comics #0.

    Your critical analysis of the Dark Knight Rises ending could lead to an autumnal romance brimming with nerdcore in-jokes and tokidoki hoodie snuggles.

    EARTH PRIME TIME: DC NEW 52 ZERO ISSUES by clay-fernald

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